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Tony Hinz - PrincipalTony Hinz & Associates is an emerging Melbourne law firm, combining talent, extensive experience and energy - we are are able to deliver to our clients a competitive advantage.

We know clients want decisive advice that can be acted upon. We don't expect you to pay us for our doubts.

Whether it is in negotiating a construction contract to add value and negate risk or simply giving sound advice in a property transaction that you know we will stand by...


How we add value to migration services?

Why choose a migration agent or advisor when for a little more you have a dedicated Immigration Lawyer by your side?

Migration Agents come and go but Tony Hinz and Associates has been here for the long haul - since 2000.

For many years until now the Australian Government DIPB immigration Department has, with changes of Government...

More on Aust-China Migration Services...

Service Guarantee   Construction law update

We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by this point of difference:

We guarantee our service - during our retainer if you reasonably believe that we have not lived up to our promises or your expectations - tell us.

"We will listen to you, we treat our clients as special"

Tony Hinz - Principal


With the ever increasing complexity of the built environment, new laws affecting all forms of construction are being passed into legislation constantly.

Tony Hinz and Associates are in touch with every legal development that is likely to affect a building project and your company can gain the benefit of our knowledge and experience. Contact us TODAY for more information.

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