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To help keep you up-to-date we have compiled a list of internet resources that will assist clients to monitor progress of their court cases and provide important information when undertaking or contemplating commercial dealings, legal proceedings or if you need general legal information.

Australian Attorney General's Department (SCALEplus)

Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII)

Federal Court of Australia (legal research links)

Law Foundation


National Library - index of Australian law on the Internet

Parliament of Australia - Parliamentary Library
(law internet resources)

Supreme Court Of Victoria
Check the court daily list, sittings and contacts, Probate and small estates office and unreported judgments.

County Court Of Victoria
Court lists and sittings, information about costs and fees, court forms and mediation.

Magistrates Court Of Victoria
Details of court locations, jurisdiction, court services, court lists, scale of costs.

Australian Securities & Investments Commission
Check the status of companies and directors, information on Corporations Law requirements.

Australian Taxation Office
Information on income tax and GST law, proposed tax law changes and reforms.

State Revenue Office
Information on Stamp Duty liability, first home owners grant. Calculate duty on leases, land tranfers and other dutiable documents

Dept of Immigration

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