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How we add value to migration services?

Why choose a migration agent or advisor when for a little more you have a dedicated Immigration Lawyer by your side?

MIA logoMigration Agents come and go but Tony Hinz and Associates has been here for the long haul - since 2000 Tony Hinz has held continuous MARN registration.

For many years until now the Australian Government DIPB immigration Department has, with changes of Government has gone through many changes of Minister, organisational name and cultural, policy and procedural changes and client-service models. We understand the mind-set, rules and policy of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection DIPB.)

Aust-China Migration Services have been providing quality professional migration services since 2001.

Why do Clients keep coming back?

Over the last decade plus, we've asked repeat clients this simple question.

Their answers used different words, but in essence, this is collectively what they said:

  • You were direct and honest up front. We appreciate this.
  • You didn’t try and sell us anything. There was no pressure or obligation
  • We saw 3 or 4 other Agents . We reality - checked what you told us. It all checked out -100%
  • There is a lot of information out there, but it's all still very confusing. We saw 10 Agents or more to get a 'second opinion'. Still, we weren’t sure. We saw you. We finally were able to decide and we made up our mind.
  • A good friend, family member or work colleague told us we could rely on you – and you didn’t let us down.
  • You were accessible, professional and treated us with respect.
  • You delivered what you promised - no gimmicks, false expectations or steak knives.
  • You got the result that we wanted

When you engage Tony Hinz and Associates you will receive:

  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Our essentials knowledge base
  • Professional Ability and the benefit of our Immigration Streets Smarts
  • A personalized and a caring approach
  • A sound service ethic of and good service
  • A clear understanding of your unique circumstances + what is possible + our up to date knowledge of Australian Migration Law = creates an optimal environment for you to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

Migration Services Profile

  • A solutions based practice focused on achievable , practical and cost-efficient outcomes for personal, private and business transactions.
  • Like you we are success orientated.
  • We work in partnership with you- not just for you.
  • We aim to work to meet your needs, and within a realistic budgetary requirements.
  • For external reviews we will take the review or appeals from start to finish without the additional cost of briefing Barristers, Experts or Consultants.
  • We specialise in all genuine visa applications to permanent residency, temporary visa applications including 457 and Employer-Sponsored and Global Work Mobility Visas
  • Dedicated legal advice and representation by Tony Hinz and Assoc. Lawyers, Melbourne, Australia

Migration services areas:

  • Business Investment SC-888
  • Business Investigation visits
  • Property transaction
  • Business contracts
  • Company registration
  • FIRB approvals
  • Investment in Australia
  • Change study course
  • Skilled migration/PR

Aust-China Migration Services - Migration Agent
Reg. No. 0214219
P: +61 413-113-903 (int'l.) 0413-113-903 (local)
Level 6, 250 Queen St.

Code of Conduct for registered migration agents.

As a registered migration agent No. 0214219, Tony Hinz is committed to a high level of professional service and to act in your legitimate interests and give you accurate advice through a Code of Conduct.

Download a copy of the Code of Conduct for registered migration agents - click here - 172KB PDF

Consumer Protection

The Consumer Guide includes a summary of the Code, what you can reasonably expect from your agent and what the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority does as the Government Regulator to the Migration Advice Profession.

Download a copy of the OMARA Consumer Guide - click here - 193KB PDF

You may contact the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority if you have any unresolved differences with your migration agent.

Aust China Migration Services

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