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Delivering outcomes that exceed expectations.

Business Profile

Tony Hinz & Associates Law Firm is a located in the heart of the Melbourne CBD.

Combining knowledge, skill, and years of hands-on practical experience and nous -Tony Hinz is a seasoned Sole Practitioner who has been delivering a competitive advantage to his Clients for nearly 40 years.

We know that Clients want straight- talking from their Lawyer and to know their options. We don’t shy away from telling it how it is and we give realistic considered advice.

Whether it is in negotiating a construction contract to add value and negate risk or simply giving sound advice in a property or business transaction that you know we will stand by.

Experienced, purposeful, hardworking and committed, Tony’s firm goes beyond the ordinary.... to add value and to try to exceed your expectations.

  • We value our Clients and their values
  • Honesty, integrity and confidentiality are the cornerstones of our practice
  • We partner with our Clients to create initiatives and strategies that are effective
  • When the heat is on- we double down tenaciously

Tony Hinz - Principal

Tony Hinz is a graduate of Monash University Law School of the 1980’s. After working in the real estate and acquisitions division of the major energy provider for Victoria he worked in general practice and in civil litigation and regularly represented Clients in the Magistrate’s Courts and at VCAT.

In 1984 he was awarded the Solicitors' Prize in the litigation category by the Law Institute of Victoria. He was a full equity partner in Llewellyn Hinz at 29. Since then, he has pursued a broad career in the law and has worked forensically and as a conciliator in the conflict and dispute resolution field. This has included working for a boutique property and property-based litigation firm– Mc Kean & Park, and in a retail leasing, dispute concerning "key money" that went to the Full Court of the Supreme Court on Appeal. At the building law firm, Wainwright Ryan, Tony successfully resolved a number of difficult building disputes through negotiation and at VCAT. Tony also worked for a stint as an in-house corporate counsel for an advertising agency and media house in South Melbourne.

Tony also has a strong background in property, owner’s corporation issues, wills and deceased estates, guarantees, mortgages and other securities and, insurance law, property and commercial litigation, shareholder and director claims, defamation, insolvency, contracts and commercial agreements, construction law issues. Since 2001 Tony has worked in the complex area of Australian immigration law with particular reference to visa advice, visa application preparation, refusal and cancellation challenges and external (merits) reviews at the AAT.

He is admitted to practice as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria and the High Court of Australia.

Tony holds a full practising certificate and has been a member of the Law Institute of Victoria since 1982.